What is Local SEO?

What is local SEO and how can you benefit in UAE?

Search Engine Optimization is obviously a great tool to make your business penetrated in the market while having your business rankings higher at search engines. Local SEO is a service that makes sure get your business appeared at the Google search and Google maps when the customer is finding something relevant to your product or service.

In one of the research, it is revealed that across 90% of consumers search for local companies online to have particular services and if your business is found nowhere in the local aspect of search then it is like you are handing over your business to closest competitors.

Local SEO offers you a competitive edge that firstly lets your local customers search you in the Google search and Google maps and secondly this local SEO send more customers to your website while increasing footfall to your business establishment. Further, having been shown on the top local results of Google increases the credibility and authority in the industry when your customer will see the reviews given by other customers.

How to get started with Local SEO?

Google is offering you a free tool called Google My Business.

If your business is not listed on Google maps so you can create your account and register your business along with other necessary information such as contact number, website, business address and images/videos. And if your business is already registered by someone else so you can claim it. There is a procedure that you have to follow in order to prove the ownership of your business.

Benefits via local SEO 

Having strong local SEO for your brand ultimately converts more leads into paying customers as your location will be appearing at the top of Google results.

The brand visibility, as well as awareness, increases locally that will make the business easier to find. With increased relevant keywords, business gets listed higher in local results leading to higher ROI and profit potential while Google My Business broadens the reach of business in short time.

UAE as a hub of tourism and Local SEO

It is known that UAE is the place famous for tourism and center of attraction for all tourists as millions of people visit the region regularly.

As per the stats of World Travel and Tourism Council, Dubai is the 4th most visited country in 2016 with 12.1% contribution share to GDP as having great travel and tourism aspect.

However, business travel spending is expected to rise by 4.0% pa to AED 49.2bn in 2027. Serving as a hub of tourism, this travel and tourism under the region is contributing to GDP double as large as the direct contribution.

Dubai is the business-oriented region which generates ample amount of profits as in 2014, it earned 10.9$ billion by the overnight spending of visitors. Further, there are millions of businesses running across the region constituted with micro firms that account for 72% of Dubai businesses, small and medium-sized businesses held with 18% and 5% respectively. Either these local businesses are food and beverages real estate, consumer goods trading, manufacturing and so on which fulfill the essentials of residents or tourists.

Concerning to visitors, they usually look for the companies and brands that can fulfill their needs in time.

Apparently, for this purpose, they search the local services online to get catch up with specific things either food, accommodation, tourism guides or any traveling rides.  So in order to get found by the tourists and to get appeared locally on Google‘s search engine, it is really essential to have a stronger presence with local SEO.

This robust existence through local SEO will lead you to gain competitive advantage having better reach in target customers locally.

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