UAE Digital media statistics for 2015-2016

UAE Digital media statistics 2015-16

We are relying more and more on online services to fulfill our offline objectives.

Whether it’s finding a plumber, business location, car or your next dream home. Almost everything in our life is connected with online assets.

In order to make your digital assets convenient and meaningful for your business, you need numbers to validate that things are moving in right direction and are really working for you.

Therefore, a research by Google consumer barometer for UAE digital media statistics is being shared here to understand what users in the UAE are doing online. It will help you to understand their behavior to make digital offerings better.


1.Where did you make your purchase?

uae digital media statistics abut where did you make your purchase

Data shows where you make your purchase.























There is no doubt that still offline mode is dominating.

However, online is near to surpass the figures of offline purchase mode as e-commerce awareness mode is in full swing. Big players from other verticals are jumping into online sphere. The recent example is of Emaar Chairman’s who has recently announced


Which of these online or offline sources informed your recent purchase, at any stage from getting initial ideas to reaching a final decision? 

uae digital media statistics about offline and online sources that informed your recent purchase

Offline and online sources that informed your recent purchase























This research shows that 39% consumer said that they research online and buy online, whereas 19% research online and purchase offline.

34% research offline and purchase online whereas, 50% research offline and purchase offline.

It clearly shows that online media is helping and influencing the purchasing decision. So stay on top on search engines and keep engaging your customers on social space.


Which of the following online sources did you use while looking for information about this business?

uae digital media statistics about the online sources being used by the people

Online sources that are being used by the majority of the users to find information.






















As you can see that search engine is the primary source to get your desired information. If your website is strong enough to be found on 1st page of the Google, so chances are higher that you will be able to convert the customers more quickly than your competitors.

The second major source is social media, yet another major factor of engagement and content curation that helps your customer to find your business.

30% said that they used maps for navigations to find their source.

This also indicates that this if you have omnichannel marketing strategy so you will get more inbound traffic.


What triggered you looking for information about this business?


What triggered you looking for information























As result shows that 38% of the respondents say that they want to know the product and services. Whereas, 37% were looking for information to plan an activity.

Hence, it is proved that your website is the great source of webrooming and acting as on online catalog for your customers.

What types of information you were looking for?


Information that were looking by the users.






















Customers always remain price conscious.

Thanks to the Online media that your all information is only a click away.

Thanks to the price comparison websites such as  where you can compare all the given online prices in one go.

Now you have to be more price-focused as your smart consumer compare the prices within minutes and make the buying decision.

Key takeaways

Your digital assets are the great source of information for the users who are constantly looking for information online before making a purchase online or offline.

They are equipped with smartphones and read reviews before making a buying decision.

They are smart enough to compare the prices and most of the time they end up in buying from your competitors.



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