Facebook Global Pages: Everything you want to know

Facebook Global pages is a rare feature that most of the people know.

This cool feature suits for brands that have the presence in several countries with a large number of audience from different languages and cultures. I met several agency guys and surprisingly they were not aware about this feature and start scratching their heads with questions like: how can we start off?  How this feature works? etc.

I will show you how this works and how we can take the maximum out of it, and most importantly, which brands have already adopted this global feature particularly in the UAE.


Facebook Global Pages guide- Nissan ME facebook page

Facebook page of Nissan, with global page structure.


KFC Arabia is using Facebook Global Pages

Facebook page of KFC, having global page structure.


Facebook Global pages- Souq.com facebook page

Facebook page of Souq.com, having global page structure.

What benefit you will get through Facebook global page structure?

  • Switching the region between countries
  • Localized culture in local language
  • Possibility of customized offers for brands and its pricing
  • Country-specific content (profile photo, cover photos, tab structure, milestone, brand mail box etc.)
  • Aggregation of number of fans on all pages (one of the fantastic feature)
  • Theme and tone of the communication will be as per the country
  • Merged URL

How can you setup the Global page structure?

You have to contact facebook team for Global page structure, wherein, they will  ask you for the basic details such as the URL of the pages and their geographical locations. Once you update the location then send it to the facebook team.

How Facebook determines the person’s location?

Facebook determines person location different inputs, such as IP address. If facebook unable to find your current location, then it redirects you towards the main global page.


Important information you may want to know to start off the global facebook page structure

  • If you are a brand with one page for all your audience, then you have to create other pages with respect to the geographic markets.
  • Normal transition time for 500,000 fans is one day, and suppose if you have 1.5 million fans then it could be completed in 3 days of time.
  • It is advisable to pause your media campaign during the transition as fluctuation could be happened in delivery/ performance of the ads.
  • If you have already multiple regional pages such as (Brand UAE, BrandUK) then ensure to consolidate them in the Global page structure and remove the country qualifier name and allow the new visitors to land on new localized page (Facebook Account managers will help you to do that)
  • You can use one URL across all your marketing collaterals, and facebook will automatically navigate the fans to the best-suited page.
  • You can’t be able to post the same content across all the pages in one go (manually possible).
  • You can’t use the country specific URL such as /brandUAE or /brandKSA


If you are convinced with the features of Global page structure being offered, so you can start working out on dedicated strategy and ask Facebook to convert it for you.

You can also download the global page FAQ by facebook from SlideShare.

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