Facebook apps you might not know

14 Facebook apps you might not know

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on this planet with 1.5 billion regular users.

Almost everyone is addictive to Facebook app and use for hours regularly. But do you know that apart from facebook, there are more 14 apps that are developed by Facebook for the users.

All these apps are free and can be downloaded from the Google play store or iOS. Lets briefly discuss all of these apps and their key functionalities:


Facebook is one of the facebook apps



1. Facebook

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, facebook is one of the most popular apps being used by over a billion people. You can easily download it and stay connected with your friends and family.


Facebook messenger is one of the facebook apps



2. Facebook Messenger

An instant messaging service by Facebook for its users. Recently, Facebook messenger has crossed 1 billion user mark. This app is directly incorporate with the Facebook app and you can directly check your messages within the Facebook app


Facebook pages manager is one of the facebook apps




3. Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a community manager and managing multiple pages, so this app is for you to monitor all your pages on the go. You can perform multiple tasks with this single app:

  1. Check the page timeline
  2. Check inbox
  3. Page notifications
  4. Reply to comments
  5. Create posts
  6. Check the insights
  7. Manage ads

This app is a complete one-stop solution for all the social media folks to stay in touch with their page anywhere, anytime.


Facebook ads manager is one of the facebook apps




4. Facebook Ads Manager

This is the exclusive and detailed version for your media campaigns. You can check all your campaigns, ad sets and ads on the go.

Not only this, you can see the performance of your ad and create, pause or delete the campaigns.

The best thing about this app is notifications that gives you insights about best performing ads and as well as the areas that you can focus more to get better results.


Facebook Groups is one of the facebook apps






5. Facebook Groups

One upon a time, facebook groups were more popular than business pages. People used to discuss and share different topics in closed or public groups.

Now, this group feature is not that much popular than it was before. However, people still using groups as it has more personalized reach than pages. Users get all the information through notification and this option enable them to visit groups more frequently than the business page.

Facebook at work is one of the facebook apps





6. Facebook at work

You can possibly say it the LinkedIn version of the Facebook. It helps you to stay connected with your team anytime. The prerequisite to be a part of this app is that you have to login from your company’s email address, but before that you have to register your company at http://facebook.com/work in order to get access to Facebook at work.

The sole purpose of this app is to get connected with your co-workers, make groups and create events. However, to use your personal account you still need to have the Facebook app to use your personal account.


Facebook work chat is one of the facebook apps





7. Work Chat

This app is the part of the facebook at work but has dedicated function of communication, similar to facebook messenger. You can chat with your co-workers, create groups to discuss the issues and stay in touch anytime.


Facebook mentions is one of the facebook apps




8. Facebook mentions

If you are a big fat brand or a public figure and have a verified page, then this app is for you to keep in touch with your fans and followers. You can tell your story to your fans live, and start a conversation with your followers. Currently, this app is only for verified pages, It can be accessible through this link http://facebook.com/mentions


Shout! for messenger is one of the facebook apps





9. Shout! For messenger

This app adds the text to the photos and you can send it across to your friends on messenger. So, next time if you want to express your expression so take one more step and write some text with the photos.


Selfied messenger is one of the facebook apps





10. Selfied for messenger

This app is dedicated to selfies only. You can take your selfies and set a mood by tapping on the provided multiple mood options. Once done, you can send it to your friends through messenger.


Strobe for messenger is one of the facebook apps





11. Strobe for messenger

You may have heard that a picture paints a thousand words. And you can do it with strobe for a messenger. Its time to talk beyond about images. You can create the stories through GIF. Yes, you can make your own GIF with all your past photos and share with your friends.


F8 developer conference is one of the facebook apps





12. F8

Facebook’s famous F8 conference has been the center of attraction for many developers around the world. Facebook has taken one step ahead and created F8 app for the attendees of the conference.

The primary features of this app are to navigate you the location, tells you about the agenda, speakers’ profile and you can share and customize your schedule.


Stickered for messenger is one of the facebook apps





13. Stickered for messenger

This app is really cool if you want to take funny and cool photos and stick it with the stickers. You can put multiple stickers around your photos and can share it with your friends.


Sound clip for messenger is one of the facebook apps





14. Sound clips for messenger

This app is loaded with pre-recorded sounds that you can use with your messenger.

Facebook moments is one of the facebook apps





15. Moments


Facebook moments is one of the new addition in facebook apps family. It has replaced the photo syncing feature of facebook and now asking the users to download this app if you want to keep your personal photos.

Soon you will not be able to access the private albums in your facebook account and you have to download this app.

This app also lets you share the photos with your friends and notify them about this activity.



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