11 FREE digital marketing tools to sharpen your digital skills

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field which requires support from the different digital marketing tools to accomplish your digital marketing objectives.

Everyone wants to stay abreast in the competition and want to outperform everyone; therefore, you should have handy tools that would help you to accomplish your targets.

Here is the list of 11 digital marketing tools that every marketer should know to excel in the career


If you want to get the information about the ranking of your or competitor’s website globally or locally, with other analytical metrics, so Alexa is the place to start off with. Alexa is an Amazon.com company. This site offers you both premium and freemium stuff.

Digital Marketing Tools- Alexa is used for checking the web traffic

In fermium stuff you can view the analytical stuff such as engagement metrics that will tell you about bounce rate, page views and daily time on site. You can also get the information about traffic metrics such as percentage of visitors and traffic share from the top countries and other demographic information.

There’s another feature  to check the ranking of others websites globally or regionally.

Check the top ranking websites of UAE.

Alexa also offers you a toolbar that can easily install and helps you to check the ranking information of any website through one click. Through this, you can get the information about the number of backlinks, ranking of the website and the past look of any website.

There is some premium stuff on the site as well that you can avail after paying a cost such as SEO audit tools, traffic metrics, engagement metrics, reputation metrics and audience demographics.

2.Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a blessing for content marketer. If you are planning to write a blog and want to check the estimated monthly searches for a particular keyword, so keyword planner is the ultimate solution.

You will not only get the idea about the keyword searches but as well as keyword group idea. Afterward, you can tweak your keyword if you get any other option with a high number of searches.

Digital Marketing tools- Google Adwords for keyword research

You can get the avg. monthly search estimation for specific country along with the language options. This will give you the traffic estimation for that particular geographic location. If you want to avoid certain words that could disturb your searches and other estimation so it’s advisable to add negative keywords in order to get the refined and targeted result.

You can also get an idea about the traffic breakdown of mobile, geographic, and competitor domains.

3.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best and widely acknowledged analytics tools that is being used by majority of the digital marketers. It gives all the insights about your website and it tells who your audience is, and from where they are coming and what they do on your site.

You can perform the analysis of your content and dig deeper through In-page experiment to see what people usually clicks the most on site.

Tons of other options are available to see the user’s geo-location, time they spent on site, number of sessions, bounce rates,

It tells you who you are and what should you do to get the better visibility online. Through Google Analytics, you can play around with your data, drill down the content, analyze who is coming from where, and based on that data, you can make an informed decision.


Google is so serious about the speed of your website. It’s one of the SEO ranking factors that you should consider while devising your SEO strategy.

If you want to check your site’s uptime, downtime and performance, so Pingdom tool is the best option available in the market. Once you enter the address of your site, it provides you all the details about CSS, plugins, social sharing buttons and other stuff.

Digital Marketing tools- Pingdom is used to test the website speed

The best thing about this tool is that you can test your site’s speed from different locations across the world. This feature will help you to server your users in a better way.



You are always curious and feel jealous when your competitors release some master piece and everyone on social media starts sharing it with interesting captions and comments.

You became more curious when you want to know how much that particular piece shared and liked by the users. Now you don’t need to be worry as Buzz sumo will help you out and will tell you how much the content is ‘viral’.

Digital Marketing Tools- Buzzsumo to check the popularity of the content

You can analyze your keyword first on Buzz Sumo parallel to Keyword planner to check the outcomes, sharing and platforms where it was shared the most.

After analyzing the all the shares and likes, you can tweak your content based on the outcomes.

Though this tool is not free and you have to pay a price. But I recommend that this tool is worthy enough to be included in your tools’ list.


If you are searching for like minded people or searching for influencers along with their additional details such as number of followers, number of tweets and their authority ranking. So look no further, followerwonk is the ultimate solution. This is an amazing tool developed by Moz.

Digital Marketing tools- Followerwonk to find the influencers


You can fetch the data of any twitter profile by giving your preference in any region with certain filter criteria. In return you will get the data of the users with their details along with the age of the profile.

7.Website Grader

This tool is developed by Hubspot. The simple interface is absolutely amazing and requires the URL of your website and email address, it will give the complete information about your website including the SEO rank, website speed, mobile readiness, security level, and performance which is necessary for a good healthy website.

Digital Marketing Tools- Website grader by Hubspot to check the website grading

Based on the outputs, you can tweak your site and keep it up-to-dated.


Flawless and captivate writing holds the attention of readers. The more engaging and well-written content is, the more the chances of sharing and liking of the content is.

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker tool that provides you the solution for all your writing and grammar needs.

Digital Marketing Tools- Grammarly is used to check the grammar of the content

The basic version is completely free and you can also download the chrome and safari toolbar of Grammarly in order to check your writing any time. Whether you are writing a social media status or typing an email, it will notify the mistake in real time.


Hootsuite is the social media management tool that enables you to manage your multiple social media tools from one place. You don’t have to login from all the accounts and check the news feeds.

Digital Marketing Tools- Hootsuite social media measurement tool

You can plan your content in advance and schedule it on Hootsuite to be posted on any given time. You can also leave it on hootsuite to post directly by analyzing the best time for sharing your content.


You are a blogger and know how to play with words, but when it comes to designing you don’t have those expert skills. You don’t need to worry about it as Canva will take care of this part.

Digital Marketing Tools- Canva an online tool to create images


Canva is an online graphic designing tool. This creative tool will help you to create beautiful creative images and template for all your creative needs. The UI is quite simple and you can drag- and- drop the required elements and create stunning images.

You can design social media posts, cover pages, blog graphics, Infographics, banner ads, power point presentations and many other customized graphics. You can design all these by yourself with complete professional look.


11.SEM rush

For all those content marketer who are always in search of profitable and good traffic earning keywords, SEM rush is the best tool to start off with.

Digital Marketing Tools- SEMrush to find the keyword data

This tool is the most recommended tool by renowned bloggers from around the world. SEM rush has several features that could help you out in many ways.

You can do the keyword search, position of the keyword, the estimated traffic generated from these keywords, cost per click being charged to advertiser against specific keywords, back links and domain information. You can also get the location based data for a specific keyword through this tool.


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